Nurture: The Audio Version

Hi, I'm Erica Chidi Cohen!

Hi, I’m Erica Chidi Cohen! Over the past decade I’ve integrated my skills as a birth and postpartum doula, health educator and trained chef to create unique support experiences for pregnant people. I’m dedicated to helping your pregnancy, birth and transition into motherhood feel empowered. 

This online childbirth course draws directly from my book Nurture: A Modern Guide to Pregnancy, Birth, Early Motherhood—and Trusting Yourself and Your Body. It’s the non judgmental, option-filled evidence-informed guide you need on your unique journey to motherhood. 

I hope this course boosts your confidence, soothes your heart and lightens your journey to motherhood.

What’s Covered In This Course?

This course has 5 comprehensive modules: 

Module 1: Self Knowledge 
In this module we dive into you. You’ll learn ways to get to know yourself better, identify and communicate your feelings, cultivate your intuition and how journaling, meditation and energy medicine can help anchor you throughout your pregnancy, birth and early motherhood. 

Module 2: Welcoming Change 
Change is the only constant during pregnancy.  In this module we explore how your body and mind will change through the trimesters, simple ways to build body positivity, baby-proof your relationships, confidently navigate sex and intimacy, how discuss your pregnancy in the workplace, and tougher topics like anxiety and depression, pregnancy after loss and how trauma can impact your pregnancy and birth. 

Module 3: Nourishment 
Pregnancy can be a perfect opportunity to gently reorganize how you think about the foods you put in your body and the products you put on your body. In this module you’ll learn about nourishing foods along with cleaner beauty and body products swap outs that can help support you during your pregnancy and beyond. 

Module 4: Birth Basics 
Discover how to choose your birth team and the best birth environment for you whether that’s at the hospital, birth center or home. You’ll learn the signs and stages of labor, preparing for an unmedicated, medicated or cesarean birth along with interventions for you and your baby, plus breathing and movement techniques for a comfortable labor. 

Module 5: Your Newborn + The Postpartum Shift 
This module explores the things most people don’t talk about after having a baby. From postpartum bleeding to hemorrhoids and engorgement, you’ll discover what to really expect postpartum, how to map out your recovery path and nurture yourself and your baby after birth. You’ll explore the rollercoaster of emotions that may come up, tactical ways to navigate family and friends, how to set boundaries, and the importance of surrendering and slowing down in order to find your new normal. 

Why Choose This Course?

  • It’s hierarchy-free! This course isn’t about going “natural”. All birth is natural! This course unpacks unmedicated, medicated and cesarean birth preferences. You’ll feel empowered whether you choose to birth in a hospital, birth center or in the comfort of your own home. 

  • The course is designed for pregnant people, but it’s great for partners too. They can benefit from taking the course along with you. 

  • It’s LGBT and POC informed.

  • Learn everything from the comfort of your own home, no need to commute. 

  • It’s fast and cost-effective, most in-person classes require multiple sessions and are double or even triple the cost and time commitment of this course. 

  • It’s comprehensive, the course covers the most important pregnancy and childbirth basics but also helps you prepare emotionally, and explores your relationships, career and lifestyle.

What's Included?

24 Audio Files 
23 text files 

  • Info-packed audio files organised into chapters for easy listening. 
  • Exclusive content not available in the book.
  • Printable worksheets
  • Links to my go-to online pregnancy, birth and postpartum resources.


How long will it take me to complete this course?

The total course content is around 7 hours in length. You could cram it into a single day or pace it out and listen to a class each week. My advice? Consider giving yourself enough time to absorb and implement everything you’re learning, and feel free to re listen anytime you need a refresher.

I’d like to pay for the course in three payments, how does that work?

If you were to enroll on March 1...

  • The first charge would happen on March 1 
  • The second charge would happen on April 1
  • The final charge would happen on May 1
  • The installments are meant to help make this course affordable to as many people as possible because pregnancy can be a time of endless expenses and payment plans are convenient! 

Can I pay with my FSA, HSA, or HRA card?

Yes. Childbirth education classes are eligible for reimbursement with a flexible spending account (FSA), health savings account (HSA), or a health reimbursement arrangement (HRA), and we do accept FSA / HSA / HRA cards as well. If you have additional questions about getting reimbursed with your FSA, HSA, or HRA account, contact

Do You Offer Refunds For The Course?

No, the course is non-refundable. 

I live internationally. Can I still take the course?

Absolutely! The material covered in this course is universal, and will enrich your pregnancy, birth and transition into motherhood no matter where you live. 

Keep in mind that your bank or credit card company may charge you 
a conversion fee to convert your payment into US dollars or a “foreign transaction” fee since this business is based outside of your country. 

I’m in my third trimester. Is it too late for me to take the course?

It’s never too late to take this course! Even if you just gave birth the Postpartum class can help you navigate your healing process and feeding your baby. The Self-Knowledge class has mindfulness tools to help keep you anchored after birth. 

Is the course helpful for second-time mothers?

Yes, especially if you feel like you need a refresher on what to expect or you’re planning on approaching this pregnancy and birth differently and want to feel more prepared. 

How long will I have access to the course?

12 Months

What’s the difference between the audio and video version?

The video version is great for visual learners. You’ll have the opportunity to see the instruments and products shared in each module and master the breathing exercises and movements for labor, versus simply listening to the instructions and hoping that you're getting the technique right.

The video version also allows you to comment on each video and for additional support, you'll have access to our community Slack channel connecting you with like minded parents around the world. Another advantage of the Slack channel is my monthly “Ask Me Anything” session where you and the nurture community can ask me all your questions. 

The audio version is great to listen to on the go, like a podcast. It's a wonderful companion to the video version and provides a comfortable auditory learning experience. However, this version only provides photos of tools and techniques through links and resource worksheets. The audio version also doesn't allow commenting and you will not have access to our Slack channel.

Buy The Book

Nurture is the only all-in-one pregnancy and birthing book for modern mothers-to-be and their partners who want a more integrative approach. It's the perfect companion to the course!


"Erica's loving, practical, 
and judgment-free approach is
rich in useful, calming advice. I have no 
doubt that you'll love having Erica's comforting voice guide you through this extraordinary,
 exciting journey."
Dr. Harvey Karp
"Erica is one of the warmest, kindest 
women I know, so it's no surprise that Nurture reveals how to take gentle care of yourself 
during pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood 
(as you gradually develop what she calls your "mother muscle").
Joanna Goddard